Late night iPad edit


Threw something together in between Z’s with snapseed on the iPad. It’s been a while since I used that app. Now, back to sleep.


ode to clouds – keeping time for the sunset band

I used to frequently marvel solely at the colors of sunsets. Now I focus more on the clouds that create the textured canvas that the colors splash across. Without the clouds a sunset is severely limited in its impact. The clouds are the unrecognized drummer, keeping time in the sunset band while the colors are the oft-discussed lead singer with long hair and a questionable leather jacket with sleeve tassels.


insert clever title here

it's a flower


Yes, I am creating a new post at a time when I am running low on wit so you get what you get with the title, nothing more. The pic is of a flower and i’m always trying to increase my botanic knowledge so feel free to let me know what type of flower it is in the comments. As always, thanks for stopping by.

oh boy…

I am a proponent of the philosophy where a person under-promises and over-delivers, rather than the inverse, but you would never know it after reading the rather reasonable intentions stated within my last post. Although I have not been able to put together a weekly post presenting forgotten photos from my Lightroom catalog, I do have some newer (taken within the last 10 days) photos for you.

Without further delay, here are some shots that I took recently. Photos 1 & 3 are from when I was working on foreground & background composition within the same photograph and photo 2 is just something that looks interesting and happens to fit the green theme.




I have had quite a few things going on over the last few weeks that have devoured most of my free time and forced me to use any remaining down time to get some rest and gear up for the next obstacle. Hopefully over the next month the extra curricular annoyances that I have going on will be resolved and I will be able to get out and shoot some more while the weather is still pleasant.

Again, thank you for stopping by and please feel free to poke around in the archives.

Two Old Pics = One New Post

Focus is OverratedArchway


Frequently I find myself paging through old pictures that I have imported into Lightroom, processed, and then let sit idly while they freeload on my computer’s hard drive. In an effort to make use of these photographs I plan (ha! Plans, those well intentioned thoughts about the future that are perfectly reasonable until life happens and I don’t post anything for two or three weeks…) to post a couple of my old and unreleased/not yet posted photos every week.

Let’s see if this happens – and YOU can see if I keep my word by subscribing to THIS blog. Thanks for stopping; feel free to poke around a bit, you won’t break anything.