that was the last snow, right?

we thought the last of the snow had already come…

3.2015 snow-2

3.2015 snow-1


Two Old Pics = One New Post

Focus is OverratedArchway


Frequently I find myself paging through old pictures that I have imported into Lightroom, processed, and then let sit idly while they freeload on my computer’s hard drive. In an effort to make use of these photographs I plan (ha! Plans, those well intentioned thoughts about the future that are perfectly reasonable until life happens and I don’t post anything for two or three weeks…) to post a couple of my old and unreleased/not yet posted photos every week.

Let’s see if this happens – and YOU can see if I keep my word by subscribing to THIS blog. Thanks for stopping; feel free to poke around a bit, you won’t break anything.

1 Minute Tune-Up of a Random Old Photo



It’s Saturday night, you’re flipping through your Lightroom library and you’ve got nothing on the agenda so you pick any old random photo and see what you can come up with in a minute of making adjustments. Boom. Done. Turn it in. It doesn’t have to be the prettiest damn thing you’ve ever seen, just the prettiest damn thing you’ve seen in the last minute.