Real IR

x100 & IR Filter

A little over a week or so ago I posted an image titled “Faux IR” that I had altered to look like it was an IR photograph. The photograph above is a true IR or infrared image that I created using an IR filter on my camera. The filter cuts all wavelengths that are outside of the infrared spectrum and only allows IR waves to pass through. Notice the leaves; in a normal black and white photograph the leaves would be dark, but appear white in this IR photograph. The sky normally appears very dark in IR photographs; since it is very overcast today, they are a dull grey. The Fuji X100 has been found to be quite sensitive to IR which is quite rare for a digital camera these days. Most digital cameras will contain a very strong IR cut filter to keep images from having over saturation of the red channel, the Fuji’s IR cut filter is relatively weak compared to most current digital cameras. I look forward to taking more IR images and experimenting with the results. Thanks for stopping by.



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